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I am a proud member of CREIA.

The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) is a voluntary, nonprofit public-benefit organization of real estate inspectors. Founded in 1976, CREIA provides education, training and support services to its members and the real estate community. CREIA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are recognized by the California Business and Professions Codes and are considered the standard of care by the real estate industry and legal profession in the state. CREIA Inspector Members have successfully passed the proctored comprehensive written California Home Inspector Exam on the myriad of systems and components in the construction and maintenance of residential dwellings.

CREIA’s educational mission is to expand the technical knowledge of its members through continuing education. Certified CREIA Inspectors (CCI), Master CREIA Inspectors (MCI) and CREIA New Construction Specialist (CNCS) members must complete a minimum 30 hours of continuing education annually. Educational credits are obtained through monthly chapter educational meetings, chapter toolbox seminars, CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program (CAMP), state conferences in the spring and fall, and other CREIA approved sources. CREIA membership activities and programs encourage the sharing of experience and knowledge resulting in betterment of the real estate profession and the consumer public, which it serves.

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