Choosing an inspector to represent you should be as important as choosing the best interest rate for your mortgage. Scotland Yard home Inspections will save you money and educate you on your investment.

Put my experience and skill to work for you. I’m extremely keen to identifying problems or safety issues throughout the home. Over 30yrs. In the construction industry with a general contractors lisence my Commitment to this profession is demonstrated by being a perticapating member in one of the oldest influential organizations in California, CREIA(California real estate inspection association. All of our inspections are performed with state of the art computerized reports complete with digital images and the abilty to persent you easy to understand comments about the condition of the home. Iam very much in demand and want to stay that way. After reviewing my inspection you will be confident in making the correct choice. Click on my calandar/ schedule and book online or call 818 203 0833. Look forward in offing you my experience and skill.

Scotland Yard Home Inspections

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